Superparenting 101: How to raise a supersenser

Upcoming DBT-C courses for parents lead by Francheska Perepletchikova, Ph.D.

Superparenting 101: Raising a supersenser

Part 1: April 4, 2023 to June 20, 2023

Part 2: July 11, 2023 to September 26, 2023

Superparenting 101 is a two part an informational course intended to provide knowledge, resources, and strategies to parents and caregivers of children and adolescents experiencing emotional or behavioral sensitivity or dyscontrol. Dialectical Behavior Therapy for children emphasizes caregivers’ role in improving child’s level of functioning and views caregivers’ adaptive responding as one of the main mechanisms of change; this course is intended to strengthen and equip caregivers with the skills they need to successfully fulfill this element of DBT-C.

Session 1 – Your supersenser – the dialectical view of emotional sensitivity

Session 2 – Validation! Validation! Validation!

Session 3 – What is invalidation?

Session 4 – Ways to promote change without parental invalidation

Session 5 – Essential Mindfulness and Distress Tolerance skills

Session 6 – Essential Emotion Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness skills

Session 7 – Practicing skills with a “not so willing” supersenser

Session 8 – Reinforcement and prompting with a “my way or highway” child

Session 9 –  Shaping and school programs

Session 10 – Planned ignoring with an explosive child

Session 11 – Punishment when fists are already flying

Session 12 – Putting it all together to help improve a relationship with an environment

Session 13 – Making meaning and understanding functions of responses

Session 14 – Ways to reprogram our biological computer

Session 15 – Introduction to the Core Problem Analysis (CPA)

Session 16 – Principles of conducting CPA on yourself and with your child

Session 17 – When the sense of self-love is affected: “I hate myself, I am bad, I am defective”

Session 18 – Interventions to decrease vulnerabilities in the sense of self-love

Session 19 – When the sense of safety is affected: “Everybody else is to blame for my troubles”

Session 20 – Interventions to decrease vulnerabilities in the sense of safety

Session 21 – When the sense of belonging is affected: “Nobody wants to be friends with me”

Session 22 – Interventions to decrease vulnerabilities in the sense of belonging

Session 23 – How core senses interact and

Session 24 – Putting it all together to help improve relationship with SELF

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