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Read below to see what clinicians are caregivers are saying about their experiences with DBT-C and CPA training with Dr. Perepletchikova.

It provides another perspective…

I especially like this training in DBTC because it provides another perspective for teaching DBT. I get requests from parents of younger children, and now I have a theoretical framework to work from. I also believe that DBTC concepts and theoretical framework apply to my adolescents, as well. I’m so thankful to have taken this training with Francheska. She has so much knowledge that she imparts!


CPA continues to be fabulous and life-changing. I’ve been thinking about my own problems. The only issue is I now want therapy, but any therapy that doesn’t include CPA doesn’t seem worth it!

So exceeded my expectations…

This so exceeded my expectations, which were high. It is exciting new (to me) material that I think I can use immediately. It also explains why my practice is struggling with the parents of our adolescent clients. I think that we can use some of the principles from this to work more effectively with them.

Rich with information…

The training was so rich with information it really was effective for my entire clinical DBT practice in all ages and families. The teams examples and teaching styles were conducive to my conceptualization and application of the information.

The presentation was so edgy that even Francheska’s chair was dangling close to the edge!

Really phenomenal!

CPA is really phenomenal! Combining and recognizing the dialectic of psychoanalysis and behavioral orientation and synthesizing the truth of each is so powerful.

I believe that, as a function of this training, I was taught what I need to know to at least begin treating families. I’m competent at both parent training and DBT and this training was very effective at presenting a model integrating the two. This is a very challenging treatment and I think the presenters did an exceptional job making it come alive and seem doable.

In-depth interesting material, outstanding…

It was pretty terrific! Engaging, interactive presentation. In-depth interesting material, outstanding on the spot role-plays, great metaphors. Incredibly educational!

Very helpful

Francheska knows so much her material, she gave very straightforward explanations, metaphors and examples and role-plays that were very helpful.

CPA is absolutely necessary and needed part of DBT

Absolutely amazing

The metaphors and role-plays were absolutely amazing and will be easy to remember. Fresh examples of how to teach skills to young kids were enormously helpful!

Dr. P is fearless and a truly gifted educator

Immeasurable healing

Having CPA as a tool to teach unconditional love is so priceless! This will bring immeasurable healing!

Really deeply appreciate this training…

Really deeply appreciate this training; both personally and professionally. I can see exactly how this will help with the gaps I’ve experienced in treating my supersensor kiddos with other modalities. Plus, there’s so much I am going to digest about my own problems that will definitely make me a better therapist and happier person. I’m so sad this training is almost over. Thank you so much!!!

Just what I need to help children and families…

Just what I need to help children and families. Helped me see the family piece differently and how to apply DBT-C in a new way.

Remarkable in its versatility…

I’m so excited by CPA. During the training I was completing a CPA on myself and then later as another skeleton bone appeared I was able to refocus my attention back to the training! CPA is remarkable in its versatility. I envision using CPA with parents, kids, in team consultation, and maybe most importantly helping me id my stuff so the therapeutic space is less contaminated. Thank you!


Participating in a training by the developers of DBT-C is the most effective and amazing way to be introduced to the treatment. The quality of instruction cannot be beat. The insights and passion for DBT-C that Francheska brings to the training is priceless.

I thought the training and Dr.P were superb. I cannot think of anything that would have made the content better.

So exciting to think of all the families that are going to change with this therapy!!


I shared some of the information (e.g.,human x-rays, Harry Potter reference, entering into the pain to reduce suffering in the long term vs avoiding pain and increasing suffering in the long term, being the boss of your emotions) in my adult DBT group, and they LOVED it. One client chimed in to say, “I’m going to make us all Harry Potter supersenser t-shirts!” while another joked there should be a hotline established for people who were born before DBT-C so they could receive financial compensation! They felt very validated and understood. Amazing!

A wise answer for everything…

It has been a great experience and Francheska’s level of expertise is impressive! She has a wise answer for everything!

Clear and comprehensive

I got lots of valuable information about DBT-C and how to apply DBT techniques more effectively with children and families. It was amazing to listen Franchesca telling about how she works with families. All the trainers was really good. I really enjoyed how clear and comprehensive they were. Real life examples were really good and made it easier to understand how to work with real clients.

A missing link

Understanding the Core senses is like getting a missing link – I am trained in DBT-A, standard DBT, SUD DBT and DBT-PE and now, having the DBT-C and understanding the core senses is like being able to see the whole puzzle. Incredible.

Best DBT training I ever received!

The training was incredibly practical, clear, and informative. The real world examples, scenarios, videos, and tools were most effective for me.

Content is invaluable and so greatly needed in our work, whether we work with adolescents, adults, or children. It’s relevant and helpful to all. The amount of knowledge and extent of conceptualization that Francheska has accomplished is unreal. I feel honored to be able to participate in this learning experience and learn from her.

CPA is a missing link for DBT

Content is like gold!

DBT-C is amazing! This content is like gold!

The best of Maslow’s humanistic approach…

Francheska has taken the best of Maslow’s humanistic approach, psychodynamic approaches of analyzing old maladaptive behaviors as well as Beck’s primary and secondary appraisal and cognitive fusion, challenging etc.

Registration is open for 2024!

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