DBT-C Therapists in Arizona (AZ)

The following clinicians have volunteered for their information to be posted in our online directory.

Doreen DeRoss, LPC, MS Professional Counseling

DBT Resiliency Center

N Forgeus Ave, Tuscon, AZ 85716

Specializations:DBT-C, DBT-A, DBT Adult
Mode(s) of DBT:
individual therapy, parent training, CPA, phone coaching, therapist consultation team
Type(s) of Therapy: individual, family
Level(s) of Care: outpatient
Mode(s) of Therapy: virtual
Client Age Group: child, adolescent, adult
Accepts Insurance: no

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Registration is open for 2024!

DBT and DBT-C workshops for parents and therapists are currently open for enrollment for 2024.