WAIT! My Course Will Be Opening Soon...

Every year I do a live course with parents on how to raise supersenser children.

The course is called Superparenting 101: How to raise a supersenser

The main goal of the course, it to teach parents how to become therapists to their children.

Of course, this is not a graduate psychology program and I will not be granting Ph.D.s at the completion of the course.😉

The term “therapist” is used loosely here to signify that parents will be offered information on what to do to help their children’s emotional and behavioral problems. As well as to acquire an ability to actually do it.

Knowledge and capability to apply this knowledge are different things and both are necessary to increase chances of success.

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Registration is open for 2024!

DBT and DBT-C workshops for parents and therapists are currently open for enrollment for 2024.